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 Production Manager

"The EPIC system revolutionized our facility! It allowed us to improve production efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction while empowering our employees."

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Electronic Planning and Inventory Control

This fully integrated system allowed the customer to  increase productivity, increase quality, improve delivery satisfaction while reducing  inventory, manpower and costs. Managing millions of records  and accesses from shop floor personnel, supervisors and senior management on a daily basis with 99.9% system availability 24 hrs day/ 365 days a year.

EPIC Production Planning Schedule
Production Planning
This screen example is the interface to the plant planner. The process is based on customer-supplier relationships throughout the facility, but starting with the most important customer: the consumer. The system is completely integrated giving visibility and needs assessment tools to everyone on a detailed, real-time basis. The planning department staffing requirements were reduced from 7 to 2 people. The results increased production efficiency over 5% and $9 million per year.
EPIC Schedule
Production Scheduling
This screen is an example of some of the information available to the shop floor supervisor. The supervisor's role was transformed from reacting to inventory and production scheduling issues into  a role of empowering employees and facilitating improvements. Complete inventory levels, demand for product, lead times, production levels and machine uptime are all available real time.
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Product Demand
In this example, you can see the type of information provided to the shop floor production personnel. Instead of reacting to "emergency" changeovers and "inventory crisis" modes, the operator was empowered to make inventory production decisions. Real time inventory levels, upstream customer needs and schedules are presented to the operator.  Automatically updated screens keep the operator informed and provides feedback on customers needs and priorities. In some cases, direct production machine interfaces were attained for data collection. Further improvements in quality and production levels were achieved by minimizing manual data collection and other non-productive activities.
EPIC Quality of Inventory Graph
Quality of Inventory
Management reports and "Dashboards" are very important to the overall success of the management team's effectiveness. Real time, always accurate, up to the minute production pace, inventory levels, machine utilization and projected production levels are the key to management decisions and actions. This is just one sample of the over 150 reports available.

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