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17. 12. 19
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With over 100 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver solutions that our customers need - quickly and efficiently.

Some of our skills:

Many years of experience creating a variety of applications, utilizing a number of different software tools has strengthened our knowledge base. Applications have ranged in size from several hundred records with occasional access to millions of records with millions of accesses per day. We have an extensive background in SQL relational database applications with databases that link to other applications and updates via batch programs, online applications and PLC interfaces. Our solutions are all optimized to ensure security, throughput and response time. With this knowledge we can efficiently and effectively design and implement a database to power your companies information needs.

Our team has over 25 years experience in Object Oriented programming. New, powerful, fast development tools are based on this method of programming, and we have the experience to harness this power to our customer's advantage. Our experience in basic tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, VB.Net, MySQL and Ignition enables us to determine and use the best solution for your needs. If your problem can be solved with a basic tool in a short amount of time, this may suit your needs and budget instead of only using high-end, expensive solutions.

We have experience in Web enabled applications. Complete reporting and management information dash-boards, user access and shop floor applications have all been developed as Web applications. This allows our customers to reduce hardware costs, maintenance costs and complexity. Nothing needs to be installed on the user's PC, no mass updates or re-installations. One of our customers, Michelin Development, was able to realize these gains by using a SQL database backend and an interactive front end developed in Visual Studio ASP.net. This was a cost effective and efficient way for Michelin to gather information from a vastly diverse portfolio of businesses while reducing the cost and effort to compile this information. Web enabled applications can be one solution that allows our customers to gain productivity, control costs and increase their competitive advantage over competitors.

You can feel confident that your project will be managed by a team that has extensive knowledge in project management. Without project management skills, solutions can quickly fall behind in development time, cost overruns and missed deadlines. Our team has successfully managed projects ranging in size from several weeks to two years and over $25 million.

In summary: We can help you resolve your business issues by listening to you, understanding what is important to you, learning about your business and your needs and present options for you to chose from. Once a solution is designed and accepted, our team will manage the project effectively and efficiently ensuring deadlines are met, deliverables are accepted and paybacks are realized.

A customer testimonial:

" Working with Damselfly Solutions on my Michelin Development web application has been a great experience. They worked under a very tight timeline, never missed a deadline and were very flexible as we went through the development process. I am very impressed with how my web application turned out. It is easy to use, intuitive and looks terrific. They are true IT professionals."

John Tully, Director, Michelin Development

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